Hey hall owners and route setters,

we have exciting news for you! Our brand new climbing hold compositions are here and we can’t wait to see them on the wall.
Nice shapes alone don’t make a good route, as we all know, so with a lot of passion and experience we’ve adapted our compositions for actual needs. The result is an efficient and fun mix: something bigger for the eye, something functional for the movement and of course enough footholds for the flow. With the help of your feedback and experience we have worked on the development of these innovative selections so that you can save time and set attractive and challenging routes and boulder problems.

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Set composition YING series

The YING shapes offer versatile route setting with many adjustment options to take your climbers to the next level. Rather simple and yet visually appealing.

  • YINGS Complete : 84 Holds XS-XXL, easy-hard
  • YINGS Boulder : 48 Holds S-XXL, medium
  • YINGS Lead : 72 Holds XS-XXL, easy

Set composition FATBAT series

The FATBAT family aims to provide a comfortable grip while providing the right amount of challenge. The climbing holds are designed for simplicity and aesthetics, creating visually appealing and accessible routes for almost any level.

  • FAT BAT Complete : 138 Holds XS-XL, easy-hard
  • FAT BAT Easy : 72 Holds XS-XL, easy
  • FAT BAT Hard : 80 Holds XS-XXL, hard

Set composition MACRO COMBO series

We are pleased to release the most popular combinations of MACROS and FATBAT PU holds in three useful combo packs. An efficient mix of macros for new-school moves in all dimensions and matching climbing holds and screw-ons for powerful variation in between. The Standard Combo is specifically designed for bouldering halls, Extended and Deluxe are both bouldering and lead climbing friendly.

  • MACRO COMBO STANDARD : 4 Macros, 20 Holds, 24 Screw-ons, mixed
  • MACRO COMBO EXTENDED: 8 Macros, 30 Holds, 24 Screw-ons, mixed
  • MACRO COMBO DELUXE: 12 Macros, 44 Holds, 12 spax, 14 foot, mixed

All our climbing holds are shaped, developed and manufactured in Germany – we promise you direct contact, delivery reliability and best quality.
For questions or orders we are always available. Just write us an email or call us directly. More information

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