Innovations throughout
the value chain
for your advantages

POLYTALON produces climbing holds in a ground-breaking way:
Automated, fast and sustainable. Local production for reasonable prices – realised by outstanding engineering.

Our long lasting silicon molds (patent pending)save material and provide
a fully automated demoulding – Essential when it comes to production in the heart of europe.

Made-to-measure PU resins ensure high durabilty and ultimate grip of our climbing holds. Preventing breakage of edges maximizing lifetime at the wall.

Less waste and less production time. POLYTALON ensures highest production standards putting the customer first.

Analysis methods

We are testing the holds according
to the DIN EN ISO 12572-3. Providing ensured quality to the customer.

Specially designed testing devices help us to bring you the best material possible.


Automation means precision – precision means less waste

Innovative production systems help to keep the value chain lean.

Climbing in gyms is often contrary to the nature based spirit of climbing – Aggressive raw materials are harmful for the manual labourer as well as the environment and short lifetimes of holds produce waste in an already polluted world.

POLYTALON invented new ways to bring back the sustainabilty in climbing gyms – Technology meets Nature.

Silicone saving molds, durable holds, Resin saving hollow backs and eco friendly operating supplies – POLYTALON holds are considerate to both – enviro- ment and people.