A hangboard that adapts to your skills. In addition to the classic finger pockets, there are various handles on your polyboard that you can freely combine and screw together. The polyboard adapts to your abilities and accompanies you on the way to the next level – whether climbing or bouldering.

You can also hang training devices such as balls or rings on the eyelets. This makes your polyboard as individual as you are!

Many possibilities and still simple design. We placed great value on developing an extremely versatile, yet simple training device with the Polyboard. So the polyboard not only becomes a customizable power tool in the bouldering cellar, but also likes to hang out discreetly with you in the living room or hallway without yelling directly at your guests.

The hangboard consists of regional ash wood and is milled in the Black Forest using CNC technology. Then the fine tuning is done by hand. All edges are rounded off and the grip surfaces are given the best grip.
The polyboard logo is also delicately branded.

The POLYBOARD is equipped with four finger strips, which of course can also be gripped with one finger 🙂 The depth varies in sensible increments between 40 mm and 13 mm.

2 x 4 strips for one or two fingers.

Depth: 13-18-27-40 mm

Width: 85 mm
(up to 4 fingers)


Dimensions: 590 x 180 x 45 mm (W x H x D)

Gewicht des Setups: 3,9 kg


Ash wood (Germany)

Scope of delivery:

1 x hangboard

5 x 5×90 SPAX screws

5 x universal dowels

1 x Allen key

4 x training handles

2 x eyelets

Stay fit – build up – solve problems